Resolving blogdown error issue

Problem: Error when compiling Hugo using ‘Academic’ template

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my website and I sorta expected that there would be errors that would pop up while I post new R code. BUT… there was essentially an issue in the hugo compilation step. Specifically in the Academic template. This will be a really short post to help people that may have similar issues.

Solution: Change a few lines of code.

Specifically, line 14 of the theme/academic/layouts/publication/single.html contains the below code:

{{ if (.Params.publication_types) and (ne (index .Params.publication_types 0) "0") }}

Essentially the code should be updated to the below code:

{{ if (and (.Params.publication_types) (ne (index .Params.publication_types 0) "0")) }}

This is due to a code update that occured (somewhere in version 0.7 to 0.8) where the top code leads to a logical error thereby leading to compilation error.

Well… That’s about it! I hope this will be helpful for people that made Hugo sites before version 0.8. Happy coding!

Chong H. Kim
Health Economics & Outcomes Researcher

My research interests include real-world evidence/observation research, cost-effectiveness analysis, predictive modeling, and spatial statistics.